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Davisor Publishor 6.4

Dynamic Enterprise Publishing

You have lots of materials you need to customize and publish for different audiences. Personalized offers and quotes. Different catalogues for different customer groups. Customized manuals for different user types. Forms with dynamic content from different sources. If you still need to cut and paste to get the job done, look for a fully automatic solution. Davisor Publishor.

Davisor Publishor gives you scalable and platform independent data-driven multichannel publishing with single-source authoring. You can use MS Office to create all the materials you need, from personalized documents to forms, and then publish them in PDF, HTML, XHTML, XML, SVG, TXT and more. With Publishor API you can also add MS Office and PDF content and meta data to search engine indexes.

Publishor is ideal for doing server side document format conversions and producing personalized, data-driven documents, including:

  • Dynamic Forms
  • Data-driven customized catalogues and directories
  • Real-time personalized documents
  • Invoices and statements
  • Financial reports
  • Technical documentation
  • Customized manuals

With Davisor Publishor, you can leverage your Office skills, existing content and Word's authoring features to produce electronic formats quickly, easily, and with complete control. A Word or PowerPoint document serves as a template which provides dynamic data positions and information to the Publishor server engine, separating the document production and back-end system integration into well defined roles. The server side can be deployed to several Java application servers and operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Solaris.

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